Why Dermatology Training

Why is Dermatology Training Needed?

Diagnosis of dermatologic diseases can be complicated and frustrating. Even though literature suggests there are over one thousand diseases related to this area of medicine, few opportunities to learn dermatology exist today. This leaves medical professionals to train, work and learn in less than optimal situations too often. Many medical providers are thrust into seeing patients without adequate training and knowledge.

The lack of formal dermatology training poses significant issues for providers, practice offices and advanced practice providers. A lack of knowledge can cause serious risks to any practice. Practitioners who lack confidence or are insecure about their dermatologic skills are not able to manage patients properly. At the same time many medical providers are not comfortable with their medical knowledge due to a lack of formal training. In either case, the patient can suffer from suboptimal care. In addition, the reputation of a practice is at stake every time someone with insufficient knowledge and expertise sees a patient, not to mention malpractice issues that may arise as a result.

The need for a standard dermatology training system for non-dermatologist medical providers is never more obvious than in the current state of health care. More responsibility and management of thousands of dermatologic conditions is being left to primary care and advanced practice providers who haven’t been trained properly. Herein lies the solution to this problem – the Dermwise Quick Start Online Dermatology Training program.