About Dr. Roger Moore

Inspiration for Dermwise

As the practice at DermacenterMD grew, Dr. Moore recognized he needed to hire a provider to help meet the needs of his patients and the community. Through careful planning and recruiting, a nurse practitioner was identified and hired. Since she had graduated from a Family Nurse Practitioner training program it was assumed she had a broad range of knowledge. In addition, she had worked in neurosurgery so her ability to understand surgical aspects of skin care were anticipated to be high.

Soon after the hiring, it was evident her knowledge and ability to care for dermatology patients was not at a level she could see patients independently. The decision to have her learn by shadowing Dr. Moore was employed. It did not take long before Dr. Moore realized this method was causing increased patient wait times and his pupil was not “getting it.”

He realized it was his responsibility to provide the new hire with the means to quickly assimilate the knowledge before she could help to reduce the workload. This began the inception of what is known today as Dermwise.

Dr. Moore began to create lectures and didactic learning sessions filled with relevant, practical content and copious dermatology photos so the new hire could become more quickly immersed in the field of dermatology. He spent countless hours organizing photos, detailing important subjects to cover, relevant points to include and therapeutic concepts that were necessary in daily practice. Through timeless effort a series of lectures began to unfold which highlighted the core components of dermatology. The content was continually refined and improved and at the same time used in real world fashion as Dr. Moore hired additional advanced practice providers. One of the key components Dr. Moore found was the creation of examinations to assess competency. He discovered this simple additional component drove the knowledge of his advanced practice providers up significantly.

The Dermwise concept began to take root for a grander plan when Dr. Moore shared with his colleagues what he had done. Soon afterwards he was finding there was a need to train and evaluate competency of advanced dermatology practice providers in practices nationwide. He decided to further refine his training program to provide a stronger and more detailed educational process, create an online format and name it “Quick Start Online Dermatology Training” program.

Having the “Quick Start Online Dermatology Training” program in place was one of the key factors in the successful recruitment of Dr. Moore’s current advanced practice providers. The fact that the physician assistants had access to an organized training program designed for dermatology played a key role in the very top candidates requesting to join the DermacenterMD practice.

The goal of enhancing the quality of dermatology care provided across the country is one of the founding principles of Dermwise. It is through this program the team at Dermwise strives to make physicians and advanced practice providers lives better by providing quick, efficient and practical education for the important topic employed by dermatology and primary care medical professionals. The ability to impact many patients through one provider’s education is a responsibility Dr. Moore and his team take seriously. Together Dermwise and our students will make a positive impact.